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The world's largest online platform for African Language Instruction

African Languages

There are an estimated 1500-2000 African Languages.

The Benefits

Knowing an African language can increase investment opportunities.


The 2011 US Census estimates 884,660 individuals already speak an African language.

Our Courses

All of our courses have been designed by highly qualified instructional designers in collaboration with certified teachers of African Languages. Your online language learning experience will be rewarding.


Contextualized Language Instruction

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Blended Learning for Beginners

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Meet the Lead Instructional Designer

Our team of Instructional Designers understand the science of asynchronous learning a foreign language, and they now how to get results.

Anitra Butler-Ngugi

I admire all of the processes and intricacies of learning, thus designing instruction is my calling. I’m devoted to ensuring that learners are in charge of their learning and that learners co-design their instruction. In addition to designing instruction, I also function as a teacher educator and an ubuntugogist. Using the seminal work of Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura, I infuse afro-centric ideologies within the instructional design process.

Over 15 years of experience teaching online and designing online courses for various Learning Management systems.

Anitra enjoys working out loud on her podcast, Instructional Design Lady, and her Youtube Channel. Be sure to catch her in a live Youtube session.